A 24-hour operation for perfect customer service

How many times have you been to a store where the sales assistant made no eye-contact and spoke to his/her colleague about what was on television last night?!

How many times have you been to a store where the sales assistant made no eye-contact and spoke to his/her colleague about what was on television last night?!

Who is to blame for such bad behaviour? The employee’s parents for bad manners or the actual manager for incorrect training?

It is not about being received on a red carpet but mainly being respected as a client.

We aren’t going to make an exposé on the saying “the customer is always right”.

So what is good customer service?

Here are a couple of examples of happy endings:

1/ During a visit to a London restaurant, the welcoming waiter took the orders of a couple. The starters were served rapidly – however, 45 minutes after having finished the first course the main dish was still missing. After catching the eye of a member of staff, the reply was fast and direct “we lost your order”. So, what was the plan of action? No real plan in fact.

A further 15 minutes to wait until the rather average and odd looking Mexican meal turned up with no extra excuses. Back home the couple decided to contact the restaurant using the social network Twitter by simply mentioning something along the lines “Great place, but disappointing service”….with all the relevant hashtags. The couple was then asked to email more details about the actual situation. It wasn’t about complaining but reporting the facts. The answer was exceptionally good. A voucher for the value of £20 – which covered both meals – was sent immediately and received the following day (recorded delivery too). Happy customers who didn’t expect such return from their correspondence.


2/ A colleague sent his glasses to be repaired but they were returned twice with the same issue. Same procedure as above. Not only the company- GlassesDirect – made it clear on Twitter that something unacceptable happened, but they also send a new pair of spectacles and made an apologetic YoutTube video too.

This really shows the impact of social blending.

Other businesses are also, doing everything they can to deliver the best service, as nowadays, everything is public and it is essential to make sure that the image and reputation remain intact.

So, Adam & Company private bank is providing a personal service to each of its 9,000 account holders. The one-to-one interaction is the focus of this financial establishment. It is a round the clock service: the online presence with a reliable solution makes it possible.

InterSystems brings rapid web development – scalability – security.

According to Adam Bank Head of IT, such implementation is only the start of the interactive facilities. The aim is to give the highest customer service. At the end of 2012, the bank launched an App for Blackberry in order to provide an mobile banking support such as: local and International Payments, CHAPS transfers, general consultations and menu customization.


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