Mind Shaper Technologies is the one of growing companies in India

Mind Shaper Technologies is the one of growing companies in India. Classteacher Learning Systems is a decade old leading education company with over 600 schools and 1 million student providing consulting and innovative technical methods in the area of school education.

Classteacher Learning Systems, founded in the year 1999 by two young professionals, has been empowering technology solutions for the K-12 segment for more than 12 years with an objective to provide end to end education solutions to the students community. It offers digital classrooms solutions or smart classrooms to over 850 schools, 1 million students and 25,000 educators.

Credited with the Education Excellence Award in the year 2011, Classteacher seamlessly integrates interactive white boards, educational tablet, multimedia devices, scientific probes and assessment devices to create a truly immersive experience. Our systems and solutions transform teachers into Knowledge Guides and empower students, thereby facilitating learning outcomes like critical thinking, creativity, global awareness, initiative and self-direction.

In Jan 2011, Fidelity Investments invested upto 15 million dollars for significant minority stake in Classteacher